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Bahaha, and you guys said I never would! I fooled you all!



So I'm still around. You know how when you get out of the habit of doing something, it is crazy hard to get it back into your routine? That's what is happening here. And to be honest, I would probably just continue ignoring LJ for a while, and I might after I write this, to be honest, but for now I need some help that maybe blogging can satisfy. Certainly better than placing stickers on things, I imagine. But I can do that too, so no loss. Tomorrow I have an up to 5 page essay to write about something and I don't even know how to start it and it is very frustrating.

The essay is about this core we have from, coincidentally enough, close to my home. It's about one hundred feet, stored in two foot sections, five to a box, ten boxes in total. It is all limestone and it all looks the same to me, but it traces the transgression and regression of the ancient epeiric sea that was once most of North America. I could write about that, I understand that process like it is my job, but since everyone knows it and my professor talked about it in the assignment sheet, I actually have to talk specifically about what this core says. Which is difficult. I know it has a lot of calcite in it, since it's a limestone and when you put (weak) hydrochloric acid on it it fizzes like a mother. Some places it fizzes better than others. These would be places that have a ton of calcite. Others barely fizz at all. I'd say they have pretty much no calcite. I am sure there is a ton of dolomite and some aragonite here too, since all the literature says so. Sometimes there are dark layers, sometimes it is just a massive block of light grey stuff, sometimes it is yellowy (that'd be the dolomite, actually.) Sometimes the grains are larger, sometimes the grains fall off if you rub your finger against them, and they would all crumble if soaked in a cup of water in order to try and get them cleaned up so you can see what the hell they look like, dammit. At least that last part is probably true; I only tested it once quietly when no one was looking and put the chunks back into the box as quickly as I could. Other pieces, on the other hand, look like they would make a fine primitive weapon. One piece about six inches long and the size of my wrist had this layer stuck to the bottom of it that made it look just like a burning cigarette; I entertained the idea of posing with it but the grad student who's office I was in probably wouldn't appreciate my unique sense of humor in that situation, especially if I asked her to take the picture. There are a lot of fossils in it, ad a range of textures, and other things to look at in thin section.

...And that's about all I know about this core sample.

Oh, and my essay is due in about... oh..13 hours.

And as a bonus, nobody I've talked to knows what to do with this assignment anymore than I do. Excellent.

...So yeah... I still got nothing. I'll probably just talk about trans/regression in great detail or something. Who cares. I hate this class. And oh how I love Kele Okereke's voice. And yes I am procrastinating. It's what I do best. Today I spent probably three hours on Doodle or Die. The only thing keeping me from it now is the knowledge that I will get nothing done if I do. I might as well just not turn anything in at that point. Fucking class. I hate it. Have I mentioned I hate Sedimentology/ Stratigraphy? Because I do. I am not interesting in oil or coal generally and I honestly feel at this point in my life that I don't give a damn about any other sedimentary things. Rivers are cool, sure. I'll keep them. Whatever. Fuck.

But I do feel a little loosened up now that I've wrote all this. Okay, let's do this shit.


Alright, so it's been a month since my last post. I know because my mom just posted on Facebook that it has been a month since Carissa's death. It is disturbing how such a horrible event can seem to ruin your life forever, and how, after the funeral, there's always exams to take, assignments and papers to turn in, bills to pay, and it's when you are having lunch with a good friend you haven't seen in a couple of months and you get around to telling them about That Horrible Day, and you find that it's scabbed over. I don't even feel anything about it anymore. It's like reverse numbness. My initial guilt at not being close to her and now not having the option has faded, precisely for the reason why I was guilty in the first place. I've tried to keep her alive, in my own way, but apathy has washed over me.

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Sep. 22nd, 2011

Personally, this has been one of the worst weeks on record. It's just too terrible to put into words.  I shall allow the professionals to do what I cannot bear.

Carissa was my cousin. I'm trying to get home this weekend to be with my family and attend the funeral.


Saturday our university played our rivals, and the game was here this year. The population increased dramatically for about 36 hours, and they were all in Campustown. Trying to navigate that place was hell. But go just a block into campus and all you saw were Asians. It was kind of excellent, actually.

I was awoken by a handful of fighter jets who must have skimmed over the stadium and then flew directly out over Romulo's house, in order to scare the shit out of anyone who had the audacity to not care about the game. It worked. My facebook feed was choked with updates from both sides, which was kind of annoying since nobody actually ever posted the score. Romulo and I went to the university book store to buy some things I needed for my fieldtrip yesterday morning and saw we were leading by a point then. I then locked myself in the Mineralogy lab, working and waiting for my friend to come. She became distracted by the game and texted me updates while I tried to identify bifringence how it's different than interference color, but not, since one uses the other, but what?

We won, by the way. For the first time in either three or five or a thousand years, I'm not sure. It was also the first time that the rivalry game went into Triple Overtime, which is quite a feat, as I understand it. I tried to explain to Romulo how often this happens. It'd be about as likely as me admitting that, in hindsight, it was a really exciting game, and maybe I should have gone or at least watched.

That is to say, never.

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1. Tending to put off what ought to be done at once; given to procrastination.
2. Marked by procrastination or delay; intended to cause delay; -- said of actions or measures.


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Kathy is back!

*dances jubilantly*

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Today was fun. At Reed and Anne's insistence I decided to watch - in it's entirety - Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

I don't even


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When I was still at home Romulo told me in his most embarrassed way that my bike had been stolen. He had left it overnight somewhere that I wasn't very pleased about and when he got back it was no longer there. I was quite pissed about it, to be completely honest. However, a half hour later and some choice words, then a conversation with my mother the next day later, I was feeling better. He offered to buy me a new bike and yesterday I finally took him up on it. I picked out this bright yellow and flashy bike that was about the cheapest that the store had. I could have really gouged him, and he would have taken it, but I didn't feel like torturing him anymore. I do like this bike though. It's like look into the sun yellow, with a yellow hard seat, and yellow rims. Subtle, it is not. And I'm good with that, as long as it doesn't make people go "I want that bicycle..." The store has sold several models of the bike in the last couple of days, so I could find someone else with the same bike, but that's alright. It was pretty damn cheap, after all.

I have been in Ames for a week. What have I done? I don't even know. I bought two text books online. I sold two and maybe a third. I unpacked Romulo's clothes and hung them up. I did the same to mine. I made dinner a few times. Went grocery shopping twice in one day. Nearly overstayed my boyfriend's welcome and am afraid we will kill each other if I spend much more time here. It is hard to believe a week ago we were crazy for each other and now we grumble about as much as we talk civilly. And it isn't him, it's me, I'm the impatient one. He isn't even as uncomfortable as I am. Hopefully this feeling will pass once I can move into my apartment and my friends come back into town. Hopefully.

I have finally got into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It took long enough, like, say, half the book, but it got interesting. I almost finished it yesterday, but now I only have about thirty pages left. If I can get some time without being asked to come pick him up or something, I just might get it finished.

Otherwise, thank god it's Thursday!

1. coming from another source and not inherent or innate
arising or occurring sporadically or in other than the usual location


I am trying to get up and go home after spending the night with Anne. And the, you know, midnight release of Harry Potter.

I still believe that Harry Potter is the funniest movie franchise of our time. I can laugh and laugh, and 7.2 did not disappoint. Full reaction later; for now, I leave you with this nugget of wisdom.

The guy who was playing Voldemort could have been a little more... Convincing...

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 Previous post was made in a fit of rage. Don't be too concerned, if you are. I just had spent a good half hour typing up what I thought was a pretty damn fine post, had a title, had the tags, and then something went pft- and it was gone. And I felt like dying. But all is better now. Even though I am on a weird computer where the 'k' key sticks, so if there are some typos thus related in this paragraph that I did not catch but you do, congratulations, you have passed the test. 

And I think I love Shinedown's newest song. I don't want to be so cliche, but I do enjoy their work more than I feel I should. Of course the song itself isn't that new, I just haven't listened to the radio for about a year, so when I got home in May I was hit by a whole lot of new music. My local radio station plays local rock, so it's doubly confusing. "Was that a local band's song?" Ughghghgh.
Anyway, I have a longer update for the future, but for now I  think I'll just hit on some things that are interesting in my life instead of just infuriating. So, let's see... Romulo and I had decided to go to New York city this summer. And now I think we've decided not to go. What we want to do now is go to Peru over Christmas. That'd be better in many ways; we could stay longer, I could finally meet his family and they could finally know what I look like, and it'd just be good all the way around. But... yeah. I really want to go, but I need to renew my passport. Yuk.
Anyway, I'd say more, but I have to go get Anne from work. Until next time, adieu. 

Jun. 22nd, 2011

God, I hate my life.
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